Hopefully any general questions you have can be answered here.

Q - Do you do parties?

A - Yes. Of course. Just be sure to give me a few weeks notice to fit you in my schedule.

Q - What types of functions will you work?

A - Are we talking house parties, get-togethers or reunions? Basically if you have a function where you want to dance to loud music, a killer DJ and have FUN...I'm there. But, if you're idea of fun is sitting around listening to Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits CD, don't call me. Please.

Q - How much do you charge?

A - Depending on where, when and how long your function is, this fee is negotiable.

Q - What kind of music do you own?

A - I own a variety of music. Most of it is dance music including rap, hip hop, R 'n' B, house, techno, trance, reggae, 70's disco and funk, and even some 80's. Basically, if it's on the radio and I like it, I probably own it. If I don't have it, feel free to bring some of your own CDs...it's your party, right?

Q - What venues have you played?

A - I have played in a variety of places, most notably in the cruise ship industry for Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruise Lines. I have worked the DC/VA/MD Metro Area in the following places:

Sutra Lounge in Adams Morgan
SPOT Lounge
Gold Room at Josephine
Mate in Georgetown
Donovan House Hotel Rooftop Terrace
FLY Lounge
Bossa in Adams Morgan
Cafe Citron / SUITE Lounge
STIR Lounge
L2 Lounge
Tabaq Bistro
The Third Edition
Blue Gin
Pegasus (now Steve's Bar Room)

Eleventh Street Lounge, Arlington
Lush the Club
The State Theater
E-Citi Cafe & Bar
The Blue Iguana
The Blue Water Grille

The Barking Dog

Now I have some questions for you.

What date is your function?

How long is your function?

What kind of function is it? Birthday, graduation, family reunion, or just another weekend for a house party?

Can you confirm my services 4-6 weeks in advance? I am not a last minute DJ...

Do you have a 6' table for me to set up at? If I have to bring one, it's $50 extra.

Is the function indoors or outdoors?

Can you provide extension cords if needed? (Typically for outdoor functions)

Will there be young children or elderly that would be offended by music with explicit content?

I will need a name, contact number and address once we make an agreement.

Please be sure to include answers
for these questions in your first email.
It just makes everything easier.